Once on site and the problem has been diagnosed we contact the client with a quote on getting the system up and running again. We stock all major brands of borehole pumps, centrifugal pumps, pressure tanks and accessories. We keep stock on hand so

We sold our drilling rig in 2005 and are concentrating more on the pump side of the installations. Having said this, if you are looking to drill a new borehole we can put you in touch with very reputable drilling contractors. Once you have dril

No two installations will be the same. Whether it’s a manual system with a couple taps in the garden or an automated system to run your irrigation or household off, it’s always best for us to meet you on site to discuss your requirements.

We often come across mono pumps where the steel pipes have rusted through, submersible pumps where the base plate has broken or the pipe has come off the male adapter or where the borehole has collapsed on top of the pump. This is not a problem, w

If you are lucky enough to find a borehole on your property or want to get a more accurate indication of the boreholes yield after drilling. What we recommend is for us to lower our test pump down the borehole and run it for 4 to 5 hours to determ